Perhaps you were looking for his counterparts, JJ, Phantom Balloon Boy, or Nightmare Balloon Boy?

Balloon Boy is an antagonist in Five Nights at Freddy's 2

Balloon Boy
Balloon Boy Texture
Vital statistics
Status Dismantled
Gender Male
Species Animatronic
Physical attributes
Debut Five Nights at Freddy's 2
Starting Location Game Area
Position Antagonist


Balloon Boy has a round face with two red cheeks. His nose is a darker tan triangle, and his eyes are blue. He has dirty blond hair on the back of his head, and he has a red and blue striped hat with an orange propeller on top of it. He has a similar patterned shirt, with two white buttons on it. He also has blue pants and brown shoes. He is holding a yellod red-striped ballon, and a sign saying, "Balloons!" 


Balloon Boy's pattern is a bit confusing. When he moves from the Game Area, he will not be seen on another camera until he reaches the Left Air Vent. Then he will head into the entrance that leads into your office. When you see him there, put on your Freddy mask to avoid losing your battery power.


Office Balloon Boy 2

If Balloon Boy gets into your office, he will not kill you, but he will instead disable your hall light. After doing so, he will laugh nonstop. He has no jumpscare.


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  • Some may speculate that Balloon Boy is a hallucination, as he has no visible endoskeleton.
    • There is a hallucination of a reskinned Balloon Boy that will appear under your desk if it happens.
      • Many dub this hallucination "Balloon Girl."
      • Despite this, the game's file says "JJ."
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