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Foxy Mugshot
Vital statistics
Status Dismantled
Gender Male
Species Animatronic Fox
Physical attributes
Debut Five Night's at Freddy's
Starting Location Pirate's Cove
Position Secondary Antagonist

Foxy is a secondary antagonist.


Foxy is a red animatronic fox with a thin and torn-up appearance.  He is completely the same shade of red.  The only exceptions are his muzze, ears, belly, and pants, the latter of the four being tan, and the rest being hot pink. He has yellow animatronic eyes, and seventeen teeth, multiple of which are gold. He has a hook on his right hand.


Foxy's pattern is very simplistic, but only occurs if the player does not look at Pirate's Cove very often.  He is hidden at first under the curtain, and if the player is inactive on his camera, he will switch between two positions, the first with him peeking out of the curtain, and the second all the way out and getting ready to sprint.  When he is no longer in Pirate's Cove, he will be running down the West Hall and entering the office. If he is not seen in Pirate's Cove, the player is not recommended to view the West Hall, but immeadiately close the left door


After Foxy goes through his simple pattern, he will make his way to your office. If you fail to close the door in time, he will lunge through the door killing you.  
Foxy Jumpscare 1


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  • Foxy seems to have replaced Bonnie's ability to run, as the latter was shown running in the trailer.
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