Were you looking for the hallucinations from the second game or the third game?

In the first game, there are many hallucinations.

Eyeless/Endoskeleton BonnieEdit

Bonnie Hallucination 2


Bonnie Hallucination 1
Very rarely, a hallucnination of Bonnie may appear where he is either eyeless or has pinprick eyes. This hallucination often occurs with the It's Me visual hallucination.

Human Eyed FreddyEdit

Freddy Hallucination
This hallucination also occurs during the It's Me visual hallucination. It appears to be Freddy with bloodshot human eyes. It often flickers, and is similar to the eyeless Bonnie.

It's Me (Visual)Edit

This visual hallucination is very rare, and only appears when Freddy moves (rarely) and when Golden Freddy appears. It is a combination of Human Eyed Freddy and Eyeless Bonnie, as well as two positions of the words "It's Me." Along with this hallucination are various sounds from the Night 5 phone call.

Crying ChildrenEdit

East Hall Egg 2

Rarely in the East Hall you can see three posters of crying children where the posters of Freddy, Bonnie, and Chica should be. These look similar to the crying children in the Death Minigames and Minigames.

Newspaper ArticlesEdit

Rarely in the East Hall Corner, you may be able to see any of four newspapers referring to the Missing Children Incident.

Tearing HeadEdit

West Hall Corner Egg 1
Rarely in the West Hall Corner, you can see a poster of Freddy ripping his head off. It is unknown what this symbolizes.

Golden FreddyEdit

West Hall Corner Egg 2
Rarely in the West Hall Corner, you may see a poster of Golden Freddy. This commonly happens on Nights 1 and 3. Upon seeing this, the visual It's Me hallucination will appear, and upon entering
Office Golden Freddy
your office, you will see that Golden Freddy is there. If you fail to pull up the monitor before time runs out, Golden Freddy will jumpscare you.

It's Me (Physical)Edit

Pirate Cove Hallucination
East Hall Egg 1
Rarely, you may see what seems to be graffiti in the East Hall, saying "It's Me". You may also see the words "It's Me" on the sign in Pirate's Cove after Foxy has left. The latter of the two hallucinations is dangerous, because it triggers the It's Me visual hallucination, giving Foxy more time to get to the office.