Were you looking for the hallucinations in the First Game, or from the Third Game?

In the second game, there are many hallucinations.

Shadow Bonnie Edit

Office Shadow Bonnie

Shadow Bonnie is a hallucintion that will rarely appear in your office. Staring at him for too long may crash your game. He slightly appears to be a dark version of Toy Bonnie, but does not have buck teeth. His teeth and endoskeleton eyes glow.

Shadow Freddy Edit

Parts and Service Shadow Freddy

Shadow Freddy is a hallucination that will rarely appear in Parts and Service. Just like Shadow Bonnie, staring at him for too long crashes your game. He appears to be a dark violet version of Withered Golden Freddy. His teeth and endoskeleton eyes glow.

The Puppet Edit

Puppet Hallucination 1
Puppet Hallucination 2
Rarely, you can see transparent hallucinations of the Puppet in the Main Hall. One can appear as a full body, the only one showing the full body, and the other two show the Puppet's head. One of the latter seem to include the Puppet laughing. These can only be seen after he is out of the Prize Corner and before he jumpscares you.
Puppet Hallucination 3

Endoskeleton Edit

Prize Corner Endoskeleton
Left Air Vent Endoskeleton
Rarely, you may see an endoskeleton appear in the Prize Corner or the Left Air Vent. It is unknown which animatronic this endoskeleton it belongs to, but it is speculated it belongs to Golden Freddy. It has blue eyes, like Freddy, supporting this idea.

Paper PlateEdit

Office Paper Plate

Note that the paper plate is in your office.

Party Room 4 No Plate

Note that there are only two paper plates, instead of the normal three.

Rarely, a paper plate of Balloon Boy may disappear from Party Room 4. It is unknown what causes this, but not only will the paper plate disappear from Party Room 4, but it may rarely appear in the office. It is not confirmed that the two happen simultaneously, as sometimes the paper plate may appear in your office but it is still in Party Room 4.

Eyeless HallucinationsEdit

Toy Bonnie Hallucination
Withered Freddy Hallucination
Rarely, three hallucinations of eyeless animatronics may appear. The first is Toy Bonnie. The second is Withered Freddy. The final one is Withered Foxy. The first two seem to be facing straight forward at the screen, while the latter of the three seems to be in a
Withered Foxy Hallucination
stance of sorts.

Balloon BoyEdit

Balloon Boy Hallucination

Rarely, you may see what seems to be Balloon Boy under your desk. This version has altered colors, and is speculated to be "Balloon Girl". It has a purple nose, as well as a hat with a blue and purple pattern. It has pink eyes and cheeks. It's eyelids were purple, as well. The only tings that did not differ were the hair, skin, and shape. In the game's files, it is referred to as "JJ".

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